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Web Site Development

In today’s business environment having a website is not just an option but a requirement. Even more, the websites evolved from simple static pages to complex applications, connecting businesses with its clients. As technology evolved, the equipment and development effort required to build web applications are at the point where makes them affordable for small and medium businesses. Whether intranet or internet, web applications are a very common presence of the technology platform of any business.

When it comes to web applications, do not let your business fall behind. We can help you. We worked for many years with Microsoft technologies building web applications for different industries. Whether you build a new application or convert existent ones, we can help. We develop web applications with ASP.NET 4 or higher, C# or

We have experience with converting desktop applications or classic ASP applications to ASP.NET. with smooth and controlled transition from the legacy applications. Integration with other software like SSRS, SSIS or Crystal Reports. Quick development cycle with state of the art out-of-the-box specialized Ajax controls.

Building a website is a task that can be accomplished in so many different ways, using a variety of technologies, and sometimes could cost you just few hours of work. It’s all depending on what you want to accomplish with your website. The modern business models are using websites as rich functional components in complex software packages. We can help you with the full website development cycle or with any of the activities involved in creating and maintaining a web site

  • Analysis and requirement gathering. We will help you defining the role of the website in the business activity for which you plan to build the software.
  • Creating functional specification, website layout and database design Website implementation; effectively writing the code which will give life to your web site.
  • Inserting the website content provided by you or by our marketing consultants and graphic designers.
    CMS Systems customizations and content maintenance.
  • Publishing and testing the website. We provide assistance with finding and purchasing a web and database hosting package, tailored to your business needs.
  • Submission to search engines and search engine optimization activities Maintenance. We offer maintenance packages for updating the content of your pages and for applying programming changes that may be required by your business.

    Please conact us to discuss the details of your website projects.
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