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Thank you for visiting our page! Our software consulting are tailored to help small and medium businesses which need help with activities:
  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Software solution analysis
  • Code Reviews
  • Software planning and estimating
  • Solution architecture
  • Database design
  • Project management
  • Resource management.
This may sound a little too generic, therefore here are some possible scenarios where a where we can help you.

You have an custom written software for which you may want to modify because of recent changes in your data exchange protocols. Whether you have or not a full time programmer in house you may want to make sure that you have someone who can promptly respond if you have a need for changes or support. This is what we would do if you would engage us. We’ll come in, and during one or more sessions we’ll learn about your business and especially about the specific business need that the software accomplishes. We will also learn about your hardware platform and and the architecture of your software. One of our main focus in this process will be to ensure that you have implemented a minimum of best practices with regards to software deployment and disaster recovery. We will then take ownership of the source code making sure that is properly stored and archived. From case to case, with your agreement, we may proceed to full code review and documentation or only of the components that you may require. On this process we may most likely we will come up with recommendations for further maintenance or improvements. Obviously we will plan together with you all the immediate changes if any.

Another common scenario is when you want to build a new software tailored for your business. We would definitely like to consider ourselves main candidates to take on the project but we also understand that you may want to use other resources like a programmer that you already have in staff. If that will be the case, we may help you get started with the project making sure that you build on a solid foundation. That would be providing you with the blueprints of the project: Use cases,database design, software architecture, prototyping, proof of concepts, implementations directions documentation and estimates. All you will have to do is to put it to execution with your available resources. Also we can help you with monitoring the project execution, testing and deployment, hiring resources. We understand the need that small and medium businesses have for software support and we also realise that in many cases technology costs may have taken by surprise some of the business owners. So we built our business with that in mind that you can have reliable software support avoiding the costs of a dedicated highly skilled developer in house. Currently we are covering software under the Microsoft .NET and Java platform but we will extend our services to other areas, so do not hesitate to contact us in any case.

Please conact us to discuss the details of your software development projects.

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